Are You Sick and Tired of Struggling to Attract Streams of Motivated Visitors to Your Website, Only to End Up With a Dismal Trickle of Ordinary "Curiosity Seekers"?

Discover How You Can Have a Frenzy of Targeted Buyers Beating a Path to Your Door Around the Clock—Like Bees to Honey, Begging to Put Money Into YOUR Bank Account!


From the desk of: Hermas Haynes

Dear Marketer,

I am willing to bet that one of the most pressing online marketing challenges you face everyday is how to get more and more people to visit your website.

It makes no difference if you are a novice or a seasoned expert. Every marketer eventually learns that in order to enjoy any serious success making money online, the name of the game is:  generate quality traffic constantly.

Seems simple enough at first glance, doesn't it!

And it is, especially to those marketers who have figured out how to generate all the traffic they need, whenever they need it — at the press of a button.

If you are NOT one of those happy marketers and you can't quite put your finger on why you are having such a difficult time making a go of it, that's okay!

The good news is you are now in the right place to find out. So just keep reading and in the next few minutes I'm going to show you how to:

  1. Fine tune your perspective.
  2. Identify the problem.
  3. Turn things around and move forward.

Now let's get started!

How Do Top Marketers
Drive *Obscene* Numbers of People
to Their Websites?

Ask any number of successful marketers to tell you exactly how they drive truck loads of people to their websites every day, and you may be surprised by the range of strategies they use to achieve those results.

Then go ahead and take a closer look at those strategies and you'll discover something very interesting:

"There's one particular system they all use."

That particular system is — list building!

"So, why is that such a BIG deal?" you ask.

Let me answer that with an expression that has become a mantra among online marketers in the know.

It's a BIG deal for this simple reason:

"The money is in the list."

Either you're familiar with that statement and understand its significance, or you're hearing it for the first time and asking yourself these questions:

  • What does that mean exactly?
  • Is it really true?
  • How do I develop such a list?
  • Does it take much time to build?
  • What are the next steps?

Well, here are the short answers...

  • It means just what it says: "The money is in the list."
  • YES, it's really true!
  • We'll show you how to develop such a list.
  • How long it takes to build is entirely up to you.
  • We'll show you the next steps to take.

Building a list is absolutely vital to any online marketer who wants to sustain growth and extend the longevity of his or her business. It is the very backbone of the business.

An internet marketer without a list is like a captain without a ship. If you don't have a list you don't have a business. List building and internet marketing go together hand in hand, like bread and butter.

That's actually a great analogy because —

"A valuable list IS the bread and butter
of a profitable Web business."

Don't get me wrong. I am not suggesting that simply creating a list somehow causes excited buyers to magically appear out of cyberspace and flock to your site — credit card in hand — ready to do business. If only it were that easy!

Sorry to disappoint you but it doesn't work that way.

That would be like getting behind the wheel of a brand new sports car with an empty fuel tank and attempting to take her out on a scenic country road for a spin. We both know that's not going to happen — until you first pump fuel into the tank.

In other words...

Getting Visitors to Your Site
is One Thing—Converting Them to
Customers is Quite Another!

Studies galore show it takes the majority of prospects an average of 5-7 exposures to a product before they will feel comfortable enough to make a purchase. Take a look at these shocking statistics put out by the National Sales Association:

– 2% of sales are made on the 1st contact.
– 3% of sales are made on the 2nd contact.
– 5% of sales are made on the 3rd contact.
– 10% of sales are made on the 4th contact.
80% of sales are made between the 5th and 12th contact.

Ponder that data for a minute and let it sink in!

It's really another way of saying that 98% of first-time visitors to your website will leave WITHOUT buying anything from you!  Ouch!

So you need to have a follow-up system in place that gives you the ability to invite them back to your site again and again and again. Without such a system in place, it is obvious you will be losing out on a lot of potential income.

This is often the critical missing piece of the puzzle and the reason so many people find themselves spinning their marketing wheels and getting nowhere fast.

The most effective way to bridge this gap and start turning things around, is with your own marketing list of interested people you can email whenever you want.

An email list represents the FASTEST, EASIEST and most RELIABLE way to make money online. Hands down!

In time, this list will make it easier for you to promote your brand, elevate your visibility, expand your goodwill in the marketplace, and in the process... boost your income to extraordinary levels.

The Money is in the List...
But the Fortune is in the Follow-up!

A marketing list is much more than a bunch of names and email addresses in a database. Those contact details provide a way for you to connect with real people who have expressed an interest in what you have to offer.

You see, when people join your list, they are also giving you permission to engage them in a variety of ways. It's a chance to open up a channel of communication and start fostering a solid relationship with them.

You want to create the kind of connection where your subscribers come to place a high value on the information you share with them, respect your advice, and trust your judgment when you recommend products and services.

As long as you work on that constantly and with professional integrity, you will eventually cultivate the high quality relationship with your list that is crucial to the success of your business.

Collectively they will become your most valuable business asset—your very own private goldmine, if you will.

You can accomplish that in 3 easy steps:

  1. Decide what to do. (Develop a plan)
  2. Understand how to do it. (Figure out a way to execute the plan)
  3. Then just do it. (Simply take action to make it happen)

That is exactly the reason we created this home study list building video course — to show you what you need to do and how to do it efficiently — so that you can enjoy the long term benefits of a successful Web business.

You'll find out how to put your marketing campaigns on the fast track and position them to attract windfalls of cash over and over again, easily and effortlessly.

But... Here's the Thing!

Unfortunately, there's not much we can do about #3. We have to leave the "just do it" step completely up to you, because only you can make things happen. You are in complete control!

It is the strength of your drive, determination, commitment and passion that will determine the outcome. And the vital element that must be included to deliver results is — action!

Action is key to success. Without action as part of the equation, at the end of the day you will find yourself...

– stuck in the same rut you were when you started out
– with no change in the condition of your business
– with a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach
– with a bewildered look on your face
– scratching your head wondering, "What the heck happened?"

If you have ever experienced anything like that in the past, I'm sure you do not want to go down that road again. You have a real opportunity today to make a detour around that pitfall and get on the expressway to Easy Street!

Does List Size Really Matter?

I suppose that depends on who you ask. There are many people who get a huge thrill out of really big things... like a house, car, boat and bank account.

But when it comes to email marketing, the fact that your list is BIG or small is not a gauge of its ability to deliver satisfactory results.

That's because —

"List size alone has little to do with profitability."


While it may be impressive to claim ownership of a list of 120,000 subscribers, if they are not opening your emails, and checking out your offers, and buying your products, that list is certainly NOT contributing much value to your business. Is it!

Now let's look at a different scenario.

Suppose you controlled a list of say 5,000 subscribers who looked forward to reading your emails, gave you critical feedback and often took you up on your offers, do you think you would experience significantly better results than the person with the six-figure list?

You bet!

I know lots of people who own mailing lists with 1000s of names and they are still struggling to make a decent living online.

I also know a superstar marketer who earns over $100,000 a year from a tiny list of 200 subscribers.

So what does the superstar marketer know that the others don't?

Simply this:

"It's not about the size of the LIST,
it's about the size of the RESPONSE!"

The truth is, a name on a list means absolutely nothing if it isn't contributing in some way to growing your business and boosting your bottom line.

And that's not all...

The superstar marketer also knows exactly how to nurture his list to get the fantastic response required to deliver such outstanding results. Many of the power strategies he uses are revealed in our extensive video course.

I'll tell you more about that shortly. But first, I want you to...

Picture This for a Minute!

Take a moment to fast forward in your imagination and visualize what could be a typical day in your life a few short months from today:

You are the proud owner of several active, profitable email lists. Your site visitors buy from you frequently. They value your guidance and are happy to recommend you as well as your products to their friends and associates.

Your autoresponder is doing most of the heavy lifting around the clock. Business is thriving. You are banking massive amounts of cash and are considered a powerhouse in your niche.

You have no cash flow problems and enjoy lots of leisure time to spend as you wish with your family and friends.

Life is exactly how you want it to be!

Does that picture appeal to you? Only you know the answer to that question, of course!

And if you are serious about building a thriving business that can provide the lifestyle you dream of for yourself and your family, you probably said "Yes!"

In that case, we can help you transform scenes like that into your reality with the powerful tactics and strategies we share in our online list building video course.

Let's now cut to the chase and take a closer look at...

How You Can Build an Opt-in Email List
That Delivers Massive Amounts of
Cash on Demand!

If you are tired watching the "gurus" rake in cash hand over fist while you struggle to make your first dollar online, or you're simply fed up with your failed efforts to advance your business beyond its current plateau... now's the time to DO something about it!  It's YOUR TIME TO WIN!


Online List Building Formula
The Power to Generate INSTANT Ca$h on Demand!

A Complete, Step-By-Step Video Course for Building Massive, Responsive, Opt-In Email Lists... in Any Market


Online List Building Formula takes you by the hand and puts you in the express lane to developing your very own highly responsive lists of targeted subscribers and customers.

This course reveals fast and easy ways to establish a loyal audience and explode your online sales and profits.

The techniques you learn can be applied successfully to any market niche and they work regardless of your level of experience.

The training is NOT a collection of theoretical concepts held together with hype and outlandish claims.

What you get is an actual proven formula that can make you tens of thousands of dollars when you consistently apply the lessons to your online business.

Online List Building Formula is comprised of step-by-step tutorials, tools, guides, strategies, resources and much, much more. Altogether there are 10 hours of actionable information packed into 17 video lessons which are delivered to you immediately and conveniently by digital download.

Here's a peek at what you'll find inside!

Introduction To List Building

This first video explains why building a list is such a critical factor in becoming a success online. It provides an overview of the tools and techniques that are fundamental to developing a responsive list quickly and economically.

Also in this video:

  • The biggest mistake you should avoid when building a list. Get this wrong and you'll end up wasting precious time and energy going around in circles with nothing to show for it.
  • Why it is very important to apply the various list building steps in the correct sequence to get the maximum benefit for your effort.
  • How to structure an offer that is compelling and makes visitors want to give you their contact information willingly.
  • How to create different kinds of lists to fine tune your marketing and promotional campaigns. This gives you the flexibility to target your offers to the right group every time.
  • The correct way to skyrocket your opt-ins using a lead capture page. This tactic can grow your lists at an unbelievably rapid rate.
  • The role a free irresistible offer plays in exposing visitors to the range of items in your product funnel. Understanding this concept creates a winning scenario for everyone involved.

Setup for Profitable List Building

We examine the checklist of software tools and resources you need to start building your list. We also talk about the free offer and the squeeze page. Each of these components works like a link in a chain and is equally important to the entire process.

Also in this video:

  • Recommended software and programs that simplify setting up some of the creative and interactive aspects of the list building process.
  • Why market and product research is critical to helping you come up with winning ideas for your unique free offer.
  • A smart way to save time and money creating a free offer without sacrificing value or your own originality.
  • The two most important elements that go into creating a free offer that is irresistible to the reader, delivers value and drives up your conversion rate.
  • How to structure your squeeze page so that it grabs your visitor's attention right away and keeps them focused long enough for you to collect their information.
  • What important element you must have planned out even before you start creating your squeeze page; otherwise you could miss the mark big time.
  • Tips and strategies on how to write a powerful headline that speaks directly to the reader, arouses their curiosity and makes them want to find out more.

Squeeze Page Set Up and Product Delivery

This session is delivered in two parts. The first video shows how to set up a list and put together a web form using Aweber and GetResponse autoresponders. The second video walks you through the steps to setting up your squeeze page.

Also in this video:

  • See the exact steps to take to set up a brand new list with Aweber and GetResponse and grasp the technical details that go into it. It's not as difficult as you may think.
  • Learn how to set up your download page and deliver a free offer so that it's easy for subscribers to get what they signed up for.
  • The software tools you will need to help you customize your squeeze page just the way you want.
  • Watch an on screen tutorial on how to actually set up your squeeze page in Aweber and GetResponse using the squeeze page template we provide.

How to Introduce Special Offers and Maximize Profits

This session is also a two-part series. It takes an in-depth look at the Special Offer and reveals several creative ways in which you can use this approach to generate maximum profits from your list building efforts... online as well as offline.

Also in this video:

  • Learn a variety of strategies you can put to use very quickly to get your special offers noticed – online as well as offline.
  • Know when is the absolute best time to introduce your special offer to your customer to improve the likelihood that they'll accept.
  • You will be taught how to add a 2Checkout payment link and a PayPal button to your special offer sales page to make the buying process seamless for your customer.
  • Find out the single most important element that must be part of your initial free offer that virtually guarantees higher special offer conversions.
  • Understand how to automate the special offer process so that it becomes a powerful income generator for you, even while you sleep.
  • Discover smart ways to monetize your list building efforts by earning more money from the traffic that is already going to your site.

The information in this two-part video lesson alone is more than worth the entire price of this training. These little gold nuggets are going to make you a ton of cash!

How to Follow Up and Build a Fortune

This video deals with one of the most important aspects of list building. The follow-up! It is vital to creating goodwill, cementing a healthy relationship with your list and ensuring continuous profits. What you learn in this session will help you avoid the obstacles so many others have tripped over.

Also in this video:

  • What key ingredient must be absolutely part of your follow-up email marketing series to guarantee you build trust and establish a lasting relationship with your list.
  • Learn to automate your email marketing so that you can continue to profit from your list even when you are hanging out with your family and friends or enjoying a Caribbean vacation.
  • What basic elements you need to focus on in your email follow-ups to nurture your list and start profiting in the quickest amount of time.
  • Know the different sources you can turn to for follow-up emails. One of these is so obvious, it has been hiding in plain sight all along and you may not even have noticed.
  • Understand the vital link between a consistent follow-up schedule and conditioning your list to notice your broadcasts. It is one of the pillars of relationship building.
  • Find out the one thing you can do to grab the attention of your audience and keep them glued to your site. You can get more traffic and sales with this tactic than you ever thought possible.

This is a sampling of the "little" things that go into preparing the groundwork for a solid relationship with your list. Get these right and watch your income soar way above most of your friends'.

List Building Strategy 1:
Ad Swaps and Solo Ads

Here we discuss two proven strategies you can use right away to build your list from scratch. Ad Swaps and Solo Ads are effective in any niche market and they give you a tremendous way to get targeted leads onto your list quickly. These strategies also open the door to setting up Joint Ventures with others in your market.

Also in this video:

  • We will show you in detail how to apply these two highly effective list building strategies to any niche you wish and make them work for you.
  • Discover how to take immediate advantage of these incredibly powerful forms of list building and see amazing results fast.
  • Find out how to leverage the marketer relationship to attract high quality, targeted opt-ins for your list building.
  • Learn why solo ads are a super good investment for your business and how you can use them to get a super quick return on your investment while you build your list.

What you learn in this session will help you jump over the barriers that many others simply trip over. No one has ever laid out all of the variables that go into using these techniques properly and made it so easy to understand. Mastering these strategies can bring you enormous, long-lasting financial results.

List Building Strategy 2:
Joint Venture Giveaways

In this lesson you will learn about Giveaway Events and how they can be set up to build you a huge list and make you a lot of money at the same time. This method has stood the test of time and continues to deliver excellent results.

Also in this video:

  • You will discover how to piggyback on the traffic that is generated by participating marketers who are all working together to build their lists. This is a way to avoid the difficulty of compiling a large list due to a lack of traffic.
  • How this strategy can help groups of marketers build their own lists while providing value to the subscribers of all the marketers involved.
  • Learn all about how to find giveaways, how to position your product for best results, and how to link it to your squeeze page.
  • Use this approach to build your list in a short period of time and seed it with strong prospects.
  • Pay attention as we even discuss the benefits of hosting your own event and harnessing its real power.
  • We run down a checklist of the things you need to have in place in order to participate in a joint venture giveaway.

List Building Strategy 3:
The Product Launch

Fasten your seat belt for this session as we take you through the ins and outs of The Product Launch. It's the fastest and most rewarding method for amassing a huge buyers list and positioning yourself as an authority in your niche.

Also in this video:

  • Launching your own product with the help of JV partners is the fastest way to develop a list of targeted buyers. Know how to set up and manage the process to deliver big rewards over the short and long-term.
  • Avoid the common pitfalls that trap the majority of beginners when they try to implement a product launch without the proper guidance.
  • Pay attention as we show you how to transform your fiercest competition into your strongest ally and boost your mailing list by thousands in the process.
  • Why it is important to create buzz to get a feel for the potential size of your launch so that you can prepare appropriate contingency plans.
  • Understand the simple secrets that go into planning massive and mini product launches and you will grow your email lists by leaps and bounds virtually overnight.
  • How to create incentives that motivate your JV partners into heavily promoting your product to their lists.
  • Discover the 4 ways to build your list through product launches.
  • Why timing and purpose are vital components of a product launch.
  • When you have gone through this video lesson, you will know everything the heavy hitters know that allows them to consistently command six-figure product launches. This information is priceless and will be a tremendous boost to your confidence.

List Building Strategy 4:
Forum Marketing

Forums are interesting and fun places to connect with like-minded people on just about any topic. You get to engage others in discussions and help them by sharing what you know. This gives you a platform to establish your credibility and authority and build a base.

Also in this video:

  • How to locate active forums that are related to your niche market.
  • What to look for before you start posting to ensure that the forum meets the ideal list-building criteria.
  • The things you must do to get people to click on your signature link and start building your list of targeted subscribers.
  • How to use forums as a source of research and inspiration for product ideas.
  • What to do to grow your reputation and visibility in the forum that will lead naturally to people trusting you, following your signature links and joining your list.
  • Learn how to write a signature link that attracts attention and gets clicks.

List Building Strategy 5:
Blogging and SEO

The blog has become an important tool in today's online marketplace. This lesson shows you several strategies and SEO methods that will deliver streams of traffic to your blog and have people signing up to your list in significant numbers.

Also in this video:

  • Follow along as we give you an over-the-shoulder look at how to embed a web form in a WordPress blog to capture your visitor's details.
  • Find out how important a well crafted plan is to the successful outcome of your list building efforts.
  • What key aspects you need to identify that will help you attract the right audience and develop a successful blog.
  • Simple tips to keep in mind when structuring your blog that will attract targeted visitors and keep them returning for more value.
  • Learn a very important strategy you can implement on your blog that will result in higher clickthroughs to your squeeze page. This tip alone can speed up the rate at which you build your list.
  • Find out which basic plugins to install and activate on your WordPress blog to improve your search engine optimization.
  • See live demonstrations of how to set up a subscriber box, create permalinks and much, much more.

List Building Strategy 6:
Exit Pop-Up Method

Don't let potential subscribers get away. Use the unblockable Exit Pop Up Strategy to target people leaving your site and offer them something special to take action. This is a strong method for picking up new subscribers that you may otherwise have lost for good, and should be part of every marketer's list building arsenal.

Also in this video:

  • Understand why it is a sensible strategy to target visitors who are about to leave your site without buying anything from you.
  • Find out which is the most effective tool to use in combination with an exit pop to build your list quickly and automatically.
  • Discover different ways to locate the right exit pop software solution for your business and budget.
  • Check out examples of what good exit pop ups look like in general and basically how they work.
  • Learn how to use pops ups effectively on your blogs, basic websites and your sales pages to increase your profits.

List Building Strategy 7:
Articles and Videos

In this session you will get direction on the best ways to use written articles and web video to gain instant credibility and establish yourself as an expert in your marketing niche. Once these powerful techniques have been set up and put in place, they will continue to build your lists on complete autopilot.

Also in this video:

  • We explain how to use these techniques together to drive a flood of targeted traffic to your squeeze page.
  • We also show you how to repurpose the content to generate massive exposure to your squeeze page and deliver truly viral traffic.
  • Learn why these are two of the best methods you can use on your own to build up your email list fast and steadily increase your overall traffic.
  • Find out what you should be focusing on with these methods to give yourself a big advantage over your competitors who may be using the same or similar methods.
  • Listen as we point out other creative ways to use your articles to your advantage.
  • Pay attention as we lay out the steps you need to take to start putting these methods to work.

One of the absolute advantages that article writing and video marketing puts in your hands is control. This gives you several options to explore and as many chances to rapidly advance your list building goals.

List Building Strategy 8:
Free Mini Reports

This video deals with creating mini reports that go viral and send a flood of traffic back to your squeeze pages. These reports are an excellent way to build your credibility and get people to trust you even before they subscribe to your lists.

Also in this video:

  • Useful tips on how long your reports should be and how to keep them interesting and informative so that the reader will be more than satisfied with the content.
  • How to use other types of offers in your reports as leverage to boost the perceived value and increase the chance they will go viral.
  • What main elements the other types of offers must have that will enhance the credibility and quality of your reports.
  • Take a look at a simple report layout that you can use as a model to get started with your own mini reports.
  • How to structure your report title so that it speaks directly to the reader and commands instant attention, and how to promote further interest through your chapter titles.
  • Learn various methods you can use to develop unique content for your report without spending any money.
  • Useful resources you can turn to for experienced professional freelancers who can develop your reports for a small fee.

List Building Strategy 9:
Safe Lists

A Safe List is a list building method that has been around for some time and still delivers a steady stream of prospects when used correctly. Most marketers don't understand how to use this marketing method effectively. This lesson pulls back the curtain and explains from start to finish how to get the most out of it.

Also in this video:

  • We explain exactly what a safe list is, how it is designed to work and the strategies that work best with this method.
  • Use this method to advertise affiliate links, business opportunities and squeeze pages and consistently generate subscribers to your offers.
  • How to stay clear of the biggest mistake people make with any type of safe list marketing campaign.
  • Where you should direct your safe list traffic to ensure you get the biggest benefit from your efforts to build your list.
  • Places you can go to find safe lists.
  • See examples of safe list sites and watch as we take you through the set up process.

A Safe List provides an additional opportunity for you to attract people who have an interest in what you have to offer, and who in time could become valuable customers.

How To Profit With Broadcast Messages

Sending a broadcast promotion to your list can have very profitable results. You can set it to go out at the precise time you want and the entire blast can be on autopilot. This training video takes you inside and shows you how to profit with broadcast messages.

Also in this video:

  • We show you a variety of strategic ways you can use a broadcast message to keep in contact with your list, promote something new, send a newsletter or simply build a relationship.
  • How to take advantage of the scheduling flexibility of broadcast messaging to preplan and setup dates and times for the release of your messages.
  • Watch over our shoulder as we demonstrate how to set up and test a broadcast message in AWeber and GetResponse.

Broadcast messaging is a powerful way to control when, what and to whom you communicate on your list. It's a very handy feature for building relationships and delivering value. When executed correctly, it is guaranteed to improve your bottom line.

How To Get Your Emails
Delivered, Opened and Read

This session is very important. It deals with the aspects of list building that determine the success or failure of your efforts. For things to work, someone must get your email, open it, read it and then take the necessary action. That's the focus of this video.

Also in this video:

  • We delve into the proven methods for getting your emails opened and read. That's where it all begins if you are to enjoy the financial benefits of a responsive and profitable list.
  • The right way to build a responsive list and avoid losing thousands of dollars in sales by going about it the wrong way.
  • Find out what your competition is doing in email marketing and stay on top of the current methods that are working.
  • Learn the little things you can do to improve the deliverability of your emails and decrease the likelihood that they may be filtered as spam.
  • Understand why a relevant and compelling subject line can dramatically boost your email open rate.
  • Focus on these 3 C-words when writing your emails and you'll be very pleasantly surprised by the high percentage of subscribers who will always open and read them.

The content in this video is thorough, powerful and easy to understand. Be careful not to under estimate some of the subtle details because of their simplicity. Just put them to work and watch your lists grow by leaps and bounds.

Repeat The Process...
Again and Again and Again and Again

Once you have your list building system in place and you begin seeing growth, simply repeat the process and replicate the strategies in order to keep up the momentum. You rinse and repeat!

Also in this video:

  • We reveal the #1 component that allows large online companies to generate cash on demand consistently, and we show how email marketing gives you access to that same power.
  • Your list building effort must be on-going. You must be consistent in testing and tweaking your strategies to refine your methods.
  • Why cultivating a good relationship with your list is critical to your success and profitability.
  • The leverage and profit margins that are possible from emailing sales promotions and other information to a captive audience can be tremendous.
  • Why you should always deliver quality and value to ensure you develop a solid list of repeat buyers.

This last lesson highlights and recaps all the list building strategies discussed in the training. It also makes suggestions on ways you can develop your own approach from the many methods mentioned in the course.

If you sincerely focus on the concepts we teach in Online List Building Formula and apply them to your marketing as instructed, you will start seeing steady streams of new subscribers to your various lists.

List building is one of the most important marketing methods for getting leads and is used by every successful online business owner — for this simple reason:

"As your list grows, so does your income!"

A Word of Caution:
This List Building Video Course
May NOT be for You!

To be perfectly honest, there's just one caveat:

This list building video course isn't for everyone!

Not because the principles and techniques don't work. They actually work extremely well — but only when you take action and put them to the test for yourself.

  • This video course will be of no benefit to you if...
    You are one of those people who gets caught up in the excitement of buying products only to have them end up gathering dust on your hard drive.

  • This video course will be of no benefit to you if...
    You enjoy day dreaming about the lifestyle you could have if you weren't so stressed out about not having enough money to pay the bills.

  • This video course will be of no benefit to you if...
    You are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme that you believe will magically set you up for life in the next 30 days.

You would be better off using the money you would invest in this program to treat yourself to an evening out for dinner and entertainment. You'd get much more satisfaction from that experience.


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  • Already have some experience?  This is certainly for you!
    Maybe you have gotten past a few obstacles already and now find yourself stuck in a difficult place. You could use a helping hand from someone who can show you how to advance to the next stage.

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I've included some important tools to save you time implementing certain aspects of the course, and added another way for you to follow the material. (A $300 value)

Here's what you get:

2 High Converting Squeeze Page Templates

You can use these professional squeeze page templates to start building your own list of names and email addresses quickly.

1 Thank You/Download Page Template

You can customize this Thank You/Download Page template to fit your particular set of circumstances and taste.

PowerPoint Slides PDF

You can follow the exact steps discussed in the video lessons with these PDF Power Point slides we compiled for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need any technical skills for this course to work for me?
A: No. All you need is the ability to follow instructions and the willingness to take action on the secrets revealed in this course to start enjoying the benefits.

Q: Does Online List Building Formula work in any market niche?
A: Yes! You can apply the techniques to every imaginable market and enjoy fast reliable results.

Q: How quickly can I begin applying the techniques taught in this course?
A: You can get started on many of the techniques within minutes of watching the videos, and those that require some set up and preparation can be up and running the same day.

Q: Do I need online experience to benefit from this training?
A: Not at all. This video course reveals a range of list building strategies that will benefit the absolute beginner, the intermediate marketer and the seasoned professional.

Q: What if I already have a big list?
A: Then you're sure to pick up a few new secrets and techniques that could double, triple, or even quadruple your sales.

Q: Is my purchase backed by a guarantee?
A: Of course! We are convinced that you will love Online List Building Formula, that's why we've backed your purchase with our iron clad, 60-day, risk free, no questions asked money back guarantee.

Q: What makes this list building training as powerful as you say it is?
A: I have personally achieved amazing results using the step-by-step strategies in this course, and so have many others before me.

Online List Building Formula is not a compilation of untested theories. It is a system of solid step-by-step methods that many marketers are using right now to grow their lists and boost their incomes.

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"This is just what I needed..."
The last two traffic products I bought didn't live up to the hype and I was getting frustrated with the whole online marketing scene. Then a friend told me about your site and I checked it out.

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. Didn't want to get burned again. But I am glad I went for it. It has only been a few weeks and I have already seen a big jump in signups. This is just what I needed to put me back on track.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Victor Anderson — New York
"Your course is worth twice the price..."
I started testing two of the strategies in your course the same day I bought it and saw a jump in traffic almost immediately. I also added over 60 new people to my list in a little more than a week.

I am on top of the world right now. Your course is worth twice the price and you can be sure I'll be spreading the word about Online List Building Formula.

Ian Coppin — Barbados
"Thanks for making it so easy!"
This is the first list building course I ever bought and I am very excited. It covers so many different strategies and puts them across in such simple terms that even a novice like me can get it. Thanks for making it so easy! Now I know exactly where to begin! Your course has taught me a lot."

Rosalie Peters — Virginia

"Sounds Great, Hermas!
So How Much Is This Going to Cost?"

I gave a lot of thought to this question myself. I wanted to put Online List Building Formula into the hands of as many people as possible who needed immediate guidance on how to earn a reliable income from home.

To achieve that I had to come up with a price that was fair and reasonable.

At first I considered copying the entire course onto a set of 17 video CDs, putting them in a box and then shipping the package directly to your front door by U.S. Priority Mail. All for only $397.

While I know that hundreds of marketers who understand the true value of list building would see that price as a steal and snatch it up right away, I was still unhappy with 2 things:

  1. It would shut out many people who couldn't afford that investment right now.
  2. It could take up to 14 business days for the package to be delivered to you.

So I nixed that idea altogether!

What I decided to do instead was to make the course available as a digital product for immediate download. This way you would have it in your hands within minutes of your purchase and could get on with your training that much sooner. No waiting!

The other advantage to going with the download format is that it significantly reduces my cost, allowing me to pass the huge savings on to you.

So I went ahead and lowered the price from $397 all the way down to $197 — which now makes the course affordable to a much larger group of people.

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As a Special Introductory Offer, I am slashing a big chunk off the regular price and allowing the first 200 people to grab the COMPLETE Online List Building Formula video course today for only... $197.00  $97!

Yes, you read that right! I am giving a whopping $100 savings to the first 200 people who get this course.

Why am I doing this? I wasn't kidding when I said I wanted to help as many people as possible learn how to drive lots of high quality traffic to their websites and improve their earnings.

So there you have it. This is the real deal! No catch. No smoke. No mirrors. No hype.

When you consider that the marketing knowledge and list building skills you can acquire from this high caliber course can earn you tens of thousands of dollars in new business and profits, I'm sure you'll agree that at this unbelievable mega discount I am practically giving the course away.

Grab your copy now and lock in this very low price before it's too late. You'll be happy you did.

This Special Introductory Offer isn't going to be available for very long. It will end as soon as the limit is reached. If you miss it you'll have to pay the higher price.

Fast Action Bonus #1
Fast Niche Product Creation Simplified
$27.00 Value - Yours Free When You Purchase Today!

Find out how easy and exciting it is to create your own products in any niche, and profit from them over and over again. This 27-page eye-opening report is all muscle and packs a wallop as it explains powerful money-making ideas that could put six-figures into your bank account.

What's Inside:

  • Shortcuts and tips you can use to create brand new products in just a few hours.
  • How to create and publish your own ebook without ever writing one word yourself, and you can do it fast!
  • What you must do to make your product or service standout in a highly competitive niche.
  • Ways to find lucrative opportunities in your niche that you could capitalize on and be seen as an authority.
  • Why coming up with a unique product is not only good for sales but for establishing business contacts as well.
  • Simple remedies for overcoming fear, doubt and writer's block and getting back on track quickly.
  • ...and much, much more!


Fast Action Bonus #2
The E-Entrepreneur Success Mindset
$37.00 Value - Yours Free When You Purchase Today!

Developing a successful online business involves much more than putting up a website, selling products, growing email lists, copywriting sales pages and implementing strategic marketing.

At the helm of every business is a person or group of people charged with making the important decisions and hard choices that ultimately affect the health of that business.

This ebook is a practical 39-page common sense guide stuffed with hardcore information that teaches you how to think as a business person and develop the mindset to prevail and succeed.

What's Inside:

  • Discover why 90% of Internet businesses fail within the first 120 days and what you can do to avoid those pitfalls.
  • What steps to take to cultivate the right mindset and dramatically improve your chances of succeeding and staying successful.
  • Find out what are the four cornerstones that are crucial to the success of any business, particularly an internet based business.
  • How to grow and expand your business at the right pace, so that you don't become over extended or lag behind the competition.
  • Understand why it is important for you to invest in yourself and not just your business. The long term gains can be enormous.
  • Why becoming too comfortable in your comfort zone is bad for business and what you can do to avoid that trap.
  • ...and much, much more!

These FAST ACTION BONUSES were carefully selected to complement this course. Take what you learn in these 2 reports along with the list building training and explore a variety of new money-making marketing opportunities.

Stop the "Trial and Error" Approach
to Generating Web Traffic!

Trying to figure out how to generate the right kind of traffic on your own can be an overwhelming challenge. There are lots of strategies and tactics that can be used—and just as many pitfalls and traps to fall into if you don't know what you are doing.

Not only does the "trial and error" approach take up a lot of your valuable time, but that's actually the hard way to go about learning how to drive traffic. It can also be very expensive and frustrating.

If that's how you've been getting traffic so far, put a stop to it right now! You don't have to do that anymore. You just found the solution. Now all you've got to do is take the bull by the horns and get started.

Order Online List Building Formula today and get instant access to a proven system. It will save you time... is very easy to apply and best of all... it works!

Here's Something Else to Keep in Mind!

Once you truly understand how to apply these list-building strategies, getting traffic will cease to be a mystery. You'll have the confidence and know-how to turn on a tsunami of traffic whenever you want, and profit from any niche you select.

I've explained everything you'll be getting. Now it's all up to you! But don't hesitate. Don't put off taking action today on something that could benefit you tomorrow.

This is your opportunity to start from exactly where you are right now and build your own powerful responsive lists of subscribers and customers over the days, weeks, months and years to come.

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